About Tracy

Who am I?

I’m Tracy.  I’m mum to 2 amazing teenagers, owner of a Labrador with a few screws loose and servant to a moody cat.

I trained in hypnotherapy in 2011 and it literally turned my life around.

Part of my initial training involved building self esteem and as my colleagues and I had to practice on each other, I realised that I had started to feel good about myself again, be positive and to believe in myself.

I’ve helped people to loose weight, and always loved helping people with anxiety problems or phobias, but in 2017, I had a “ping!” moment. 

You see, after doing my research, I could see that there was little or no help for people with fertility problems.  Yes, they could get to see a consultant and maybe get the go-ahead for IVF, but there was nothing to help them with their emotional state.

When you are struggling with fertility, it can take over your life, your work, your relationships, your marriage, your sex life, your diet.  Need I go on?

And when you are so desperate for something to happen, so desperate for that baby, you can actually start to focus on not having it.  So you send messages to your subconscious telling it that you’ll never have a baby.  So the subconscious makes sure that you are right.  

So I trained as a Freedom Fertility Coach. And this is something I have never come across before.  Something different.  Something which doesn’t make false promises and then break your heart.  Something which actually makes a difference to the way you feel, to your mind/body connection and to your life.  Imagine walking into a party and seeing a pregnant friend.  Now imagine feeling in control about that instead of falling apart.  That’s the Freedom Fertility effect.

And it absolutely makes my heart sing to see such a change in clients.

Love Tracy