Are you one of the pack?

Ooh that’s new and exciting…

I read a post on my newsfeed earlier today about a new Urban sandpit which is being installed on a local stretch of the beach. The beach in Worthing (for those non-locals) is a stony beach and you only see the sand when the tide is far out.  And then it’s generally full of seaweed.  

It has cost £6500 which was raised by local businesses, it is being maintained for free by the local businesses and it hasn’t cost the locals anything and will be free to use.  Fantastic right?  

Haters are gonna hate

Oh no.  Out come all the haters and critics.  Why has it cost £6500?  Why do we need a sandpit on a beach?  Why isn’t there disabled access?  It will be a health hazard.  It will be abused.  Oh my word, it got quite heated before I stopped reading.  I agree that £6500 seems a lot but A) I didn’t pay for it, and B) I expect that if I was shown a breakdown of costs I’d fully understand why it was so costly.  But it’s none of my business.

Pack mentality

You see, all it took was for one person to set the ball rolling with the negative comments and the floodgates opened.  Suddenly, everyone has sometime to complain about.  One person led and the rest followed.  And I have not yet seen one person comment to say “thank you, that’s a great thing you have done here”.

This sort of thing is pretty common.  You see it all the time and it’s very easy to agree and start thinking about yet another thing to add to the list.  

But sometimes you have to just stop.  And think about what you are doing.  Are negative comments helpful?  Are they constructive?  Are they hurtful to someone?  Are they even necessary?  I bet if you are honest, the answer is probably NO to all of these questions.

So maybe it’s time to retrain your thinking.  If you find yourself being critical or saying things which are not kind, constructive or helpful then maybe you need to stop and rethink.  What can you say to be kind?  How about just “well done”? It takes practice to be kind and lots of practice to be positive but you will feel so much better off when you do it.  

Once you start to be positive, you find that the people around you notice this and lots of them start to be positive too.  And that will make you feel even happier.

Sometimes you just need to play in the sand rather than moan about how sandy it is.

Much love


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