Assume the Worst

Make the connection

Sometimes we assume the worst in any given situation.  Like today for example.  I had a delivery from a local courier who has been here many times before and has given my dog a lot of fuss and even dog treats.  He still barks at her every time she comes (but then again, he barks at me coming back sometimes).  Today, I slipped up.  I opened the front door before I had closed the gate properly and my beautiful, bonkers dog squeezed past me and went flying out the front door.  He simply wanted her attention and threw himself at her feet waiting for her to pat him.

But a few days ago, she was attacked by another dog so she was feeling a little fragile and was really scared.  It all happened very quickly and within seconds she realised that he was waiting for her attention but in that moment, it really frightened her.  (I apologised massively).

Write your history

Now, that event might have stayed with her forever and she might then learn that all dogs bite or attack.  She may have even developed a fear or phobia of dogs.  But we spent some time making sure she was ok and that the connection was a good one so that her subconscious can connect my lovable lab to a happy event rather than to an attack.

This sort of thing happens a lot.  Something happens, we make a faulty connection to it and then it shapes how we behave about all sorts of events afterwards.  And before too long, we can have a phobia or anxiety related to anything connected to it.


The beauty of this is, that we can change how we feel about certain things in our past quite easily.  We can rewrite history to make our connections to the past less painful or even be completely disconnected from it.  I often help people to change the way that they feel about an event or even cut all negative emotional ties to it to help them to move forward and be happy, calm and relaxed.

I have quite a few useful little tools up my sleeve to do this because not every one is right for every person.  And my sessions are made specifically for each individual person.

I have helped people with a fear of spiders, heights, cucumbers (yeah, I know).  I’ve helped people let go of events from their past which set them free from guilt and anxiety for good.

Just imagine setting yourself free from those invisible chains.

You can do it.

Much love


ps The photo is my dog quite a few years back looking particularly vicious.

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