What doesn’t kill you…

For Sale Something came up on my Facebook memories the other day.  It was from October 2011.  And it was the day that the For Sale sign went up outside my old house. Am I sad? 9 months before, my marriage ended.  My world had changed beyond all recognition.  There was a huge amount of […]

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Change In The Air

Can you feel it coming? As the days are getting cooler, the leaves are all over the ground and nights are getting longer, there is a feeling of change in the air.  A feeling of everything starting to settle down for winter. Strangely, I like winter.  I love walking the dog on  a crisp evening […]

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My “Perfect” Life

The beauty of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram… We’re all obsessed with social media.  Oh come on.  Admit it.  How long can you actually go without checking your newsfeed?   I posted a photo recently of a very peaceful moment where I was chilling on the sofa with the dog at my feet and the cat on my lap.  My […]

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Do you need a wee mum?

Harry Potter Tour – here we come This weekend, my 2 kids and I went to the Harry Potter tour.  I’ve wanted to go to this for ages and last Christmas my little angels bought 3 tickets as my Christmas gift.  Being my usual organised self, we’ve only just got round to going. Plus you […]

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Regrets? I’ve had a few…

The signs are all around us Last night, just before I went to bed, a very old photograph fell out of a drawer. It was very strange because there are no other photos in that drawer and I don’t recall ever seeing it in there before.  It was a tiny photo booth size photo of […]

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What are you thinking?

Your thoughts create reality I will admit that I woke up grumpy today.  There was an almighty storm here last night and although I slept through most of it, it did disturb my sleep. I drove my son to school as usual and outside his school, there is a wide junction which has a dead […]

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Don’t Give Up

Anyone need a handy woman? I like to consider myself a modern woman.  I’ll have a go at most little DIY projects.  I have my own drill (check me out!), my own tool kit (and all the bits get put back every time I use it) and I’ve even got adjustable spanners.  I have put […]

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Are you one of the pack?

Ooh that’s new and exciting… I read a post on my newsfeed earlier today about a new Urban sandpit which is being installed on a local stretch of the beach. The beach in Worthing (for those non-locals) is a stony beach and you only see the sand when the tide is far out.  And then […]

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