Love me or Hate me. I’m me.

Like or hate me It might sound odd to say it out loud.  But not everyone likes me.  Or you.  Or your partner/kids/parents.  We are all so different.  We like different things, get anxious about different things. We have different opinions and we’ve all got our own values.  I have a small circle of really […]

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The Wise Hippo is here!

I’m so excited! I am absolutely bursting with excitement and pride.  So much that I hardly slept last night.  I spent the last 4 days in the presence of the most amazing women – mums, midwives, doulas and hypnotherapists.  We all had a common interest which turned into a passion.   We’ve laughed (a lot) and […]

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Relax – it’s all in the mind

Happiness is a state of Mind A few people recently commented to me that I’m always happy and relaxed.  Which came as a surprise to me because I’ve always considered myself to be pretty grumpy and stressy. But then I thought of quite a few times recently when people have commented that I smile a lot. […]

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Beat The Blues – Get Motivation

Waaaah!  It’s Monday. Do you wake up on Monday morning with that familiar feeling of dread? Does it start on Sunday afternoon?   Do you lack motivation?  Week after week. *sigh* Have you ever stopped to think why you feel like this? When did it start? And how long has it been going on for? When […]

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Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Are you wearing the carpet out going back and forwards to the kitchen? Come on.  Admit it.  As mums we are the worst for it.  (Even as a  hypnotherapist with lots of knowledge of emotional eating and weightloss, I’m guilty).  We get the kids to bed, tidy up, sort out tomorrow’s lunches (well – ok […]

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Weight Loss – To Diet or Not to Diet

All Fat People Are Lazy… I recently followed yet another online “discussion” about meal replacement diets.  As usual, it was quite a heated affair.  It seems that lots of people have very strong opinions on the rights and wrongs of these weight loss methods. Many people (usually those who have never had weight issues or […]

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I’m Never Dieting Again!

Diets Keep You Fat. We’ve all done it.  We’ve all signed up for the best diet ever.  The newest fad.  Or signed up for the gym on 1st January only to go twice and spend the next 12 months paying for something we don’t use. I’m guilty of the diet thing too.  (Not the gym […]

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Public speaking? I’d rather…

Did you know that more people are afraid of public speaking than are afraid of dying? There was a time, not so long ago, when the very thought of public speaking for any length of time would have sent me running for cover. Or even going into a situation where I had to meet new […]

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My Freaky Phobia

  Phobias come in all shapes and sizes. From the most common ones like heights, snakes or spiders to the more unusual ones like plug sockets, cucumbers or Wotsits (but don’t worry, I’m not posting any photos of spiders here). Funny right? It probably is if you’ve never experienced fear beyond fear. When just the thought […]

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