Dance in the Rain

Happy?  Me?  

For many years, I believed that I was a miserable cow.  I’d been told it often enough by my ex husband and I felt miserable so he was obviously right.  Right? 

Well no actually.  I was miserable.  That part was true.  I thought that this was my lot in life.  I thought I’d be in the same house, doing the same stuff in the same unhappy and damaging relationship, day in, day out for ever.   I had no ambition, no dreams and felt like I had absolutely no hope and nothing to offer anyone.

Are you being sarcastic?

Eventually things took a dramatic turn for the worse and I found myself a single mum.  And it was blooming hard but SO much happier and less stressful. I remember someone saying to me “you are always smiling”.  I actually thought they were being sarcastic because in my head I was still a miserable cow.  But they assured me that they were being serious.

Since then, I have found that people often comment on this and it actually makes me smile more.  When you smile and someone, they generally smile back.  If someone is rude or unpleasant to me, I smile at them and it really throws people when you do that.  (I will admit that there  are times I bite back – I’m only human)

Believe you can do it, and you are half way there.

Once I realised that I actually wasn’t miserable any more and started to feel happier, I also realised that I could build on this.  I can make myself happier.  It is true that I have miserable days but then again, don’t we all?  But by using some of the tools I have and some of the knowledge I have, I can feel good, make other people feel good and spread the love.  You can spend life being miserable and sad or you can learn to get up, dance in the rain and feel alive again.

I help people with hypnotherapy because I love it.  I saw the power of it first hand and I love watching the change in the people I work with.  

Relaxation is the key.  I know – it sounded naff to me at first too.  But I know that the benefit of even just 20 minutes of calm relaxation a day can make such a difference to a busy, stressy, anxious mind.  And if you need something to help, my FREE relaxation audio is still available for a limited time in the link below.

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