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It’s time to hire a car again…

For anyone who reads my blogs, you might remember a recent blog about my experience with a hire car which was supposed to be titchy tiny but was actually huge.  I’ll post a link at the bottom of the page if you missed it because it was quite daft.

My parents live in Scotland and I aim to visit every other month or so which involves flying up and hiring a car.  I have driven it a few times but it’s not fun as it takes about 8 or 9 hours with stops.  So I’m not planning to do it again. So I did the flying thing easily.  It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  Even the “Caution High Winds” signs on the motorway on the way to the airport didn’t really worry me too much.  But driving a strange car always seems to have a bigger impact on me.  I get really nervous driving other people’s cars.  I think it’s the responsibility of causing any damage which scares me and I like small cars which are easy to park.  This time, I think the universe was listening.  And having a laugh.


When I picked up the hire car this time, it was a Smart car.  The one for 4 people.  I don’t think they come much smaller.  And to my joy, it had a handbrake (the last one had an electronic handbrake which had me paranoid).  And it even had a key instead of an electronic gadget.

Off I went in my tiny car which felt very strange to drive at first.  I found that I was having to concentrate on changing the gears, really focus when switching lanes in a strange car with magnified mirrors and even opening the windows was something I had to think about.  And after a few days, I was doing it without thinking.  I had adapted to the car and the new stuff I learned about driving this particular car passed from the conscious part of my brain, into the subconscious part so that I no longer had to think about what I was doing.

The same thing happens every time you learn something new.  You have to concentrate on what you are doing and repeat it until your subconscious learns that new process and stores it in your memory bank.  And once that happens, you don’t have to think about it much.  Weirdly the same thing happens when something bad happens.  But often a faulty connection is made.

So for example if a cat scratched you and made you cry when you were 5, then it happened again when you were 10 you may learn that all cats scratch and develop a fear or even a phobia of them. This sort of thing can usually be resolved fairly easily with hypnotherapy.

So the next time you find yourself reacting to a situation in a way you are not happy with, have a think about why that is.  Where did that connection or association come from?  And if it’s a reaction which doesn’t sit well with you, maybe it’s time to have a word with yourself.  Maybe it’s time for some hypnotherapy.

Much love



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