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Regrets? I’ve had a few…

The signs are all around us Last night, just before I went to bed, a very old photograph fell out of a drawer. It was very strange because there are no other photos in that drawer and I don’t recall ever seeing it in there before.  It was a tiny photo booth size photo of […]

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Don’t Give Up

Anyone need a handy woman? I like to consider myself a modern woman.  I’ll have a go at most little DIY projects.  I have my own drill (check me out!), my own tool kit (and all the bits get put back every time I use it) and I’ve even got adjustable spanners.  I have put […]

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Dance in the Rain

Happy?  Me?   For many years, I believed that I was a miserable cow.  I’d been told it often enough by my ex husband and I felt miserable so he was obviously right.  Right?  Well no actually.  I was miserable.  That part was true.  I thought that this was my lot in life.  I thought […]

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Stop Apologising!

Why are you sorry?  I’ve read a few posts about this recently and it’s beginning to bug me.  As women, we constantly apologise for our existence.  We are sorry we’re late, sorry our hair is a mess, sorry the food isn’t great, sorry our kids didn’t behave, sorry we’re tired.  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  If you […]

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Working With Me

It’s a minefield out there When you first think about using a hypnotherapist to help you, you will find that by searching on Facebook and Google, that there are hundreds of us around. They all have websites, all have Facebook pages.  Some list their qualifications. Some list endless  lists of what they can treat.  Some […]

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