I’m Never Dieting Again!

Diets Keep You Fat.

We’ve all done it.  We’ve all signed up for the best diet ever.  The newest fad.  Or signed up for the gym on 1st January only to go twice and spend the next 12 months paying for something we don’t use.

I’m guilty of the diet thing too.  (Not the gym – would never get me inside a gym. No way.  Absolutely not).  But this year I’ve decided that I’m never going to diet again.  The pressure of turning up to a weekly meeting works for so long but then as I start to get  bored of counting points/syns/calories I find myself finding excuses not to go yet again.  And find myself paying for the privilege of not turning up!

New Year, New Me

Well this time, I’ve realised that I need to change me.  I’ve realised that the only way I will lose weight is if I change the way I feel about food and the way I think.  I’ve been contemplating this for some time.  As a hypnotherapist, I help loads of people with weightloss and am really good at motivating them to keep going so I’m turning it round.  I’ve enlisted the support of some friends who want to lose weight with me.  It’s time to cut out the junk, cut out the processed stuff, eat clean and drink lots of water.Ditch the diet 1

Eating Clean?  What?  Like washing your food?

Eating clean means avoiding anything that comes in a packet, sauce, can be stuck in the microwave for 2 minutes or is full of chemicals.  Realistically, we’ve all become fat since processed food became readily available.  So I’m going back to basics.  I’m eating fresh lean meat especially chicken in small amounts, brown rice, fresh vegetables and cutting out my shocking salt habit.  I’m eating by the 80/20 rule too.  So that means eating 80% of what’s fresh and good for me and 20% of what I fancy.  I’m cutting my portion sizes down with a smaller plate, eating 3 meals a day with 2 snacks built in.

I’ve started all this with a 9 day cleanse which has been useful in many ways.  Because it was a restrictive programme, it helped me to kick my salt habit and it’s also made me realise that sometimes when I initially think I’m hungry, I’m really not.  I eat habitually because the food is there.  I’ve discovered that milk doesn’t make me feel good and neither does white bread.  So I’m not going to have those any more.  I’m going public with my own weight loss story to make it real for me and to help to motivate anyone else out there who has tried every diet going and failed.

I’m so enthusiastic about this and I’m finding that it has an infectious effect on other people.  My clients and friends are joining in and really encouraging me as I’m encouraging them.  So to take this further I’ve come up with a 6 week online weight loss course to really get people enthusiastic and start changing those old habits, which is followed by a private membership club to help keep it going.

So far, I’m a stone lighter and a massive amount happier.  So if I can help you to get motivated, to change those habits and relearn healthy new ones, then give me a call.



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  1. Jenny Rutterford January 30, 2015 at 10:42 am #

    Great blog Tracy! Your openness, honesty and enthusiasm will get you where you want to be – both on a personal front, and helping others achieve their goals too

    • Tracy Keet January 30, 2015 at 4:45 pm #

      Thanks Jenny x

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