It’s All About Perception

What do you see?

A friend of mine went to a hotel recently and posted a photo of a sketch which was on her hotel room wall.  It was a man with a woman behind him with her arms wrapped round him and a strange blue line around her.  It prompted a lot of discussion about what the painting meant and what the blue lines were mean to be.

There were loads of suggestions about what it was.  Someone suggested that it was graffiti.  Someone else suggested that the couple were being hugged by a polar bear.  And there were load of other interesting comments including some who commented that the couple looked miserable and they hoped it wasn’t in the honeymoon suite.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 🙂

So who is right?

Everyone is looking at the same picture and yet everyone came up with something different.  Nobody is wrong or right here but it does tell us a little bit about perception.  In life we often see people and we make judgements whether consciously or not about what we see.  Or what we think we see.

How many times have you seen someone looking really cross and you’ve jumped to the conclusion that they are just a crank?  And yet you have no idea what that person is going through.  What happened to make them cross or sad.  Or what did they just experience to make them feel that way?  Or are they just relaxed and their face looks cross?

The past can alter your thinking

Inside your brain, your subconscious is like a computer memory where every single thing you ever saw, ever learned, ever experienced is stored.  Everyone processes this information in different ways and sees things differently.  

If you were scratched by a cat when you were a child (like me) you might grow up with a fear of cats or an intense dislike of cats.  You might process this differently and have a severe phobia of cats.  Or it might just make you a little more wary of cats but not all that bothered.  Depending on what was happening in your life when the cat scratched you and how you processed that information can affect a lot of how you react today.

Going back to the sketch – everyone will see something different because of what they have learnt in life.  Their experiences and emotional state will guide them to what they see in the picture or in any given situation.  It doesn’t mean that they are right or wrong.  They just are running on different software as we all are.  We are unique.  We are awesome.

If you find that you are being affected by your past, I specialise in helping to release past events and build up confidence and self esteem so you can move forward and be even more awesome.  

Much love


PS This is my vicious cat who I think I got to prove I am no longer scared of cats.  I still don’t like them though 🙂


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