Love me or Hate me. I’m me.

Like or hate me

It might sound odd to say it out loud.  But not everyone likes me.  Or you.  Or your partner/kids/parents.  We are all so different.  We like different things, get anxious about different things. We have different opinions and we’ve all got our own values.  I have a small circle of really close friends who love and accept me for all my quirks and oddities. And for being a closet hippy.  And I love them for theirs.   But that doesn’t mean that their partners or kids like me. Or that I like them!

But you’ll never change me

There was a time when I would be bending over backwards trying everything I could to make people like me. Anxiously lying awake at night, worrying about why someone was being horrible to me and what I’d done to make them hate me.  I’d start acting differently around certain people, trying to gain their approval; make them like me.  Or I’d be quiet in their company to try to blend in.  I just wasn’t being me.  

It’s not my problem.  It’s theirs.

At the grand old age of 43, I’ve finally worked it out.  I’m a bit annoying (according to my teenagers).  I’m a bit childish (again – the teenagers opinion).  My belief in the Law of Attraction bores some people to tears.  And I will not tolerate bullying either to myself or anyone else so will become a bit scary on the subject.  I love my inner circle of people with a massive amount of passion and I will protect them in any way I can.  But the people I dislike, or who annoy me a bit on Facebook, or who are negative, or constantly moaning – I quietly leave them behind.  I take them out of my life. Because my energy is far better spent in loving those people who lift me up, who enhance my life, who love me and encourage me.  And let me be ME.

And that valuable lesson has been so blooming liberating.  So if you don’t like me, leave me behind.   Use your energy to love someone or something else.  Be free of negativity, of hatred, of fear.

Love.  Live.  Laugh.


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