My “Perfect” Life

The beauty of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram…

We’re all obsessed with social media.  Oh come on.  Admit it.  How long can you actually go without checking your newsfeed?  

I posted a photo recently of a very peaceful moment where I was chilling on the sofa with the dog at my feet and the cat on my lap.  My dog and cat hate each other so are rarely within 10 feet of each other.  So this snapshot made me chuckle (and the fact that it makes my cat look massive) and I posted it knowing that it would make other people smile.  

The moment lasted around 3 minutes before the dog started practically hyperventilating because the devil cat was so close to him.  He shifted onto the floor, the cat shifted onto the nice warm spot he had left on the sofa.

The trouble with this is that you are getting  a snapshot of people’s lives.  They are showing you the bits they want to see.  Someone commented recently on how happy I am and how they were pleased that my life is working out so well.  Now, my life is great but it’s far from perfect.  But because I like to be positive 99% (ish) of the time, I like to post positive stuff, happy stuff.  So it would be easy to think that my life is perfect.  Easy to judge. Easy to assume that the snapshot was one of a perfect harmonious life.

Delete the moaners

On the flip side of this, are the moaners.  We all have them on our news feeds.  The people who rant and moan about something several times a day, every day.  You know, the people who irritate the heck out of you and every comment they post has you moaning too.  Life is always out to get them and everything is crap. 

Then there are the vague bookers who post “Feeling sad…”.  This does actually irritate me.  If you want my attention, just message me.  

I’ll let you into a secret here.  It’s revolutionary.  And it’s how I deal with people who constantly post stuff on my newsfeed which makes me cranky.  I remove them from my newsfeed.  Shock horror!  If they have been offensive then I will quietly delete them but usually I just don’t follow them anymore.  And then Facebook will fill that gap with something else.  Generally nice stuff, holistic stuff, friends who interact with me, funny stuff.  So my newsfeed is a pleasant read.  It’s uplifting and pretty fluffy.

Get to the point!

My point about all of this is that what we surround ourselves with, affects our mood.  If you are surrounded by sadness and anger then you are more likely to be sad or angry.  And if you suffer from anxiety, all of this is going to make you so much more anxious.

I choose to surround myself with positive people, lovely people, uplifting stories, affirmations and all things which lift me up.  I do this consciously and deliberately because I know that it makes me happy and keeps me going even when life is tough.  Because I have tough times like most people but I choose to deal with them quietly and not flood social media with it.  

There is enough sadness in the world without me adding to it.  I want to show people things which make them smile.  I like to be able to make a difference to people’s lives.

That’s why I do what I do.  I help people.  I uplift them.  Show them the way forward and give them tools to get going and keep going.

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