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Harry Potter Tour – here we come

This weekend, my 2 kids and I went to the Harry Potter tour.  I’ve wanted to go to this for ages and last Christmas my little angels bought 3 tickets as my Christmas gift.  Being my usual organised self, we’ve only just got round to going. Plus you have to book ages in advance anyway.

Did I mention that I’m a massive Harry Potter fan?  OMG the blooming excitement.  I woke up at 4.30am thinking I’ll be getting up in a little while.  Not realising that I was an hour out and could have gone back to sleep.  Doh!

Driving isn’t the issue.

It’s about an hour and a half drive from my house to the tour (roughly) and we had arranged an early tour because none of us is keen on massively crowded attractions.   So off we went nice and early with my Sat Nav programmed. And we got there in just over the planned time due to the Sat Nav taking us in the industrial entrance where there was no access.  

Now, on the surface, that all went very smoothly.  On the outside I look calm and in control.  But I have a confession. Recently, I’ve made a lot of changes and put myself outside of my comfort zone.  and little by little, that’s fine. Generally I will be a little bit uncomfortable trying new stuff but I can deal with it.  But all those little changes add up to lots of anxiety.  And plonking a fairly long drive to somewhere I don’t know on top of all that, set my anxiety alarms off.  

For days before we went, I’ve spent rather a lot of time in the loo (too much information?). I pretty much ignored that.   I’ve found myself over eating which is another of my habits when I’m out of my comfort zone. I ignored that too.  But the worst thing was when the actual anxiety hit me.  When my heart started racing till I could feel it pulsing in my neck.  And the gagging.  Yuck – the gagging!  At that point I knew it was time to stop ignoring the fact that I was being anxious and deal with it.  

The great thing is, that once you acknowledge the fact that what you are experiencing is anxiety and once you know what to do about it, it’s easy to knock it back into line.  And the daft thing is, that it took a very short time to stop it. Ignoring anxiety isn’t the answer.  It just comes back at you stronger until you listen.  But dealing with it is pretty awesome when you know how.

And that’s what I do.  That’s why I spend so much time working with people to help them to not feel that any more. The good thing for me is that it’s reminded me how blooming horrible it is.  And it’s made me more passionate about helping people to feel calm and relaxed and to knock that anxiety on the head.  And it usually only takes 4 sessions. Roughly 4 hours.  Roughly 240 minutes.  What’s stopping you?

So, back to the Tour…

The Harry Potter tour is blooming fantastic.  My kids are currently 18 and 15 and they loved it too.  It brings out the kid in you (well it did for me, but that’s not hard to do).  I love the fact that we made new memories because I feel like I’m on borrowed time before they fly the nest.

The drive home was easy.  Even though I tried to follow my Sat Nav into the service entry and the car park man redirected me. And I then accidentally drove straight back into the entrance.  I’m sure he wasn’t really laughing. Even though we got stuck on the M25 for ages. I did it.  And the anxiety dragon was slayed again.

I think the funniest moment of the day for me was when my daughter spotted and loo and asked “do you need a wee mum?”  Oh dear, I’m getting old…

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