My Freaky Phobia



Phobias come in all shapes and sizes. From the most common ones like heights, snakes or spiders to the more unusual ones like plug sockets, cucumbers or Wotsits (but don’t worry, I’m not posting any photos of spiders here).

Funny right?

It probably is if you’ve never experienced fear beyond fear. When just the thought of a cucumber can set off into a nervous wreck, or have you vomiting with fear or unable to leave the house just in case.

My phobia was a bit weird. I’ve had a fear since I was very small of anyone touching my neck. And then it morphed as I got older into anyone touching my joints particularly the backs of my knees or elbow joints. You might think that you could avoid all those things and sometimes you can. But try being at High school and having to wear a tie when you have a phobia about having anything near your neck. Or try being pregnant and unable to give blood for screening tests because of a phobia. Or trying not to scream and drop a toddler when they grab you round the throat. It makes life pretty tricky when you are constantly on high alert, looking for things which might trigger your phobia.

Face your fears and move on

So when I was training to be a hypnotherapist we covered phobias. I managed to duck out of facing mine at that point quite nicely. You have to be ready. And you have to have confidence in your therapist. When I did some training in Hypno NLP with Lorraine Gleeson at Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy, Lorraine convinced me that I needed to get rid of that phobia.

She was right of course. So in one session, Lorraine reprogrammed my responses.  (And taught me how to do the same)  In just ONE session, I could touch my joints (even I couldn’t do it before) and my neck. A second session is usually needed to find the root of the problem so that it won’t come back but I can’t tell you how liberating it is to be free. Anyone who has had a phobia reprogrammed will probably agree. Imagine living a life free from that constant fear. Phobias are a fear of a fear. It’s so deep with some people that it can completely rule your life.  Life without them is awesome.

So take control. And free yourself.

If you need help to be free of a phobia or an unwanted habit then please contact me on 07748 594533

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