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Dance in the Rain

Happy?  Me?   For many years, I believed that I was a miserable cow.  I’d been told it often enough by my ex husband and I felt miserable so he was obviously right.  Right?  Well no actually.  I was miserable.  That part was true.  I thought that this was my lot in life.  I thought […]

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Stuff is always going to happen

I’m having a bad day You know that feeling when you just can’t settle down to anything?  That anxious feeling, when you chest hurts, your shoulders ache, your head is pounding.  And no matter how hard you try to force yourself to do whatever it is you are “supposed to be” doing, you just can’t […]

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Relax – it’s all in the mind

Happiness is a state of Mind A few people recently commented to me that I’m always happy and relaxed.  Which came as a surprise to me because I’ve always considered myself to be pretty grumpy and stressy. But then I thought of quite a few times recently when people have commented that I smile a lot. […]

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