Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

jaffa cakesAre you wearing the carpet out going back and forwards to the kitchen?

Come on.  Admit it.  As mums we are the worst for it.  (Even as a  hypnotherapist with lots of knowledge of emotional eating and weightloss, I’m guilty).  We get the kids to bed, tidy up, sort out tomorrow’s lunches (well – ok I was never that organised) and do all those things that we have to do that nobody else notices need doing.  And no sooner than our backsides hit the sofa when we are up again and heading for the kitchen.

The Demons Take Over Your Weight Loss Intentions.snack food

Once we’re in the kitchen, with the full intention of having a cup of tea and/or an apple – suddenly we find ourselves opening “the” cupboard.  You know, the one we have with the “treats for the kids” in it.  And we tell ourselves that we’re just going to have one snack bar/bag of crisps/chocolate treat bar.  Yeah right.  Before we know it, we’ve scoffed half the pack and the kettle hasn’t even boiled.  And actually, if you eat it in the kitchen standing up, it doesn’t count.  Right?

Wrong!  How many of you will admit that once you start, you can’t stop.  Or you will go back and sit down, only to be back in the kitchen 5 minutes later finding something else.  It’s so frustrating to have been eating healthily and encouraging our little darlings to do the same all day and then to blow all of our good intentions in one eating frenzy.

So What’s Really Going On?

The trouble is, that we initially don’t recognise what’s happening.  For most of us, if we could just find a way to access that filter, then we’d recognise that we aren’t actually hungry.  I get a lot of my hypnotherapy weight loss clients to have a notepad in the kitchen so that when they get there, they have to stop, close their eyes and think about what they are actually feeling.  What’s making them reach for food.  Sometimes it’s the need for comfort, the need to squash down anxieties, loneliness, anger.  Once you work out what it is you are actually feeling, you can work out what to do with it instead of trying to squash emotions down by overeating.

As a 40 something single mum of 2 teenagers I have had my own share of issues. But I recognise them and am dealing with them.  I know that anxiety is what sends me looking for comfort and I’ve learnt some coping strategies which don’t involve food.  Reading, writing my thoughts down and Zendoodling thanks to the amazing Jo Turner. (  I can confidently say that absolutely no artistic talent is required to learn how to Zendoodle!

And if you REALLY have to snack…

Get the healthy snacks out in front of you so you don’t get distracted by the junk.  If you have prepared carrot and cucumber or have fruit at the ready, you are so much more likely to eat it that if you have to stand and prepare it when you are snack mode!  Make a plan of what else you can do.   Go on, surprise yourself.

And if you need help with those emotional eating habits or with your Weight Loss, then give me a call or drop me an email.


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