See the sunshine in your life

Weekends are for fun

I’ve had a great weekend.  I really have.  I went for a meal out on Friday night, went to town, met some friends and went to a carnival on Saturday and went to a Waterfront festival on Sunday.  So I was busy, had fantastic company and truly feel like I’ve had a fantastic weekend.  But let me tell you another side of this.  

The Weekend from hell

On Friday morning I woke up feeling really sick.  I had a Skype called halted instantly because I looked like I was going to be physically sick.  I felt really rough all day but by the evening I felt loads better.  So off we went to a lovely little Italian restaurant.  Unfortunately, the food was so salty that I couldn’t eat it.  I’m a Scot and we do like salty food but my partner tried it and agreed with me that although Italian bacon is known to be salty, this was inedible.  

Saturday morning was a busy one and the afternoon saw us visiting the Broadwater Carnival and Fire Station Open Day.  We found a parking space easily even though it was packed.  But after only about 40 minutes, the heavens opened and it was absolutely pouring down.  We took shelter in a gazebo, which we ended up helping to put back together as the wind tried to destroy it.  In the space of around 20 minutes the whole area went from packed to empty as the dark gloomy clouds showed to sign of departing.  So we ran for it back to the car – luckily the rain eased slightly at this point so we didn’t get too soaked.

Then Sunday, we went to a Waterfront festival which was billed as having so much activity from 10-5pm.  We were there from 11.15am till around 1pm and there was nothing happening, nobody seemed to know when things were going to happen.  People were asking US if we knew when it was starting.  And again, as the clouds darkened the sky and the rain began again, we decided to head for home.

Sunshine on a rainy day

Now, with that collection of events, you might think that this was a rubbish weekend.  And I know a  lot of people who would be moaning about  what a crap weekend it was and how everything went wrong.  But I spent the weekend with my partner.  We chatted, we laughed, we got wet and we didn’t dissolve.  We met people, we talked to them.  We had a lovely peaceful time watching the boats go in and out of the harbour and watching kids catching crabs.  

There was a time when I would probably have been moaning too.  But I’ve trained myself to see the light.  I see the good in most things and I take happiness where I can find it.  Life is so much lovelier when you see the good in everything.  

As a nation, we spend way too much time moaning and criticising things.  But this doesn’t have to be the norm for you.  Choose to see the light instead of the dark.  Correct yourself when you hear yourself criticising or complaining. 

Go a whole week without complaining.  (Then you’ll see how much you do actually complain).

As I took this photo earlier, I realised how much black there is on a sunflower but somehow it manages to shine brightly and makes me smile every day when I look at them.  So shine brightly.

Much love


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