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Just walking the dog

The weather has changed here in Sunny Worthing.  Spring feels like it’s definitely on the way and there is a positive energy around in the air so I’ve started taking my dog back up on the hills.  I can’t stand the mud factor during the winter and now that it’s dried up a bit, I’ve had a couple of really enjoyable walks with my buddy.

When I walk the dog, I stick my headphones in and hit my play list and off I go in my own little world.  When it’s wet and muddy, I walk round the local streets with Jasper (the pooch) and generally nobody speaks other than a quick “hello” to other dog walkers.

But on the hills, it’s a different matter.  People tend to chat more and enjoy a passing conversation.  And I’ve had  experiences with people this week which got me thinking about how we often don’t see what’s in front of us.

Open your eyes stress head

The first one was with a lady who was walking 2 little dogs.  One kept chasing other dogs, cyclists and kids.  The other one kept rolling in stuff!  As our paths met, we started to walk together and she was telling me all her troubles and commented how stressful it was walking the dogs.  Whereas I’d just been standing at the top of the hill, admiring how beautiful and peaceful it was.  So I began to comment on the lovely clear blue sky and the fluffy clouds.  And then pointed out that you can see the sea from the top of the hill.  And she began to join in and we admired the newly cut meadow, the trees and I could actually see her stress levels lower.  By the time we parted, she was smiling and looked so much calmer.

Someone’s having a bad day!

The second experience was at the car park at the same place.  I had just got out of my car with the dog, thrown his ball for him and as I locked the car, I could hear this lady shouting at her dogs.  She had a puppy on an extendable lead and an older dog who was not coming back to her.  Of course, the more she screamed at him, the more he ran off.  As I got near, her dog came up to me and I bent down to talk to him quietly and calmly.  And he was right beside me as I said “good boy” and I was just about to loop my dog lead over his head so she could get the dog back when she screamed at me.  She shouted “he’s not a good boy so don’t you dare tell him he is”.  At which point, her dog took off again.  

Whatever was happening in her life to create this level of stress, had stopped her from seeing what was in front of her –  an offer of help.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was so peaceful on the hill but she just couldn’t see it at that point.  Someone else took the puppy from her so she could get the older dog, scream at it a bit more and eventually leave.  

An image of a beautiful full moon background

So last night when I was walking the dog under the starlit sky, I was pondering this.  I was admiring the stars, loving the peaceful evening and it hit me that some people will see the stars.  Other will simply see that it’s dark.  The first lady I was able to help because she was able to see the beauty and was able to accept the help.  The second lady was in such a rage that she couldn’t see it.  It was almost like the beauty – or the stars were invisible to her.  And I remember being like that.  When life was so tough that I couldn’t see the stars and felt like a ball of rage.  But I changed my life. I found hypnotherapy and reiki and the most amazing people to surround myself with. 

It takes time.  It takes change. And it takes a lot of help to make things better.  

And it will get better. 

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