Stop Apologising!

Why are you sorry? 

I’ve read a few posts about this recently and it’s beginning to bug me.  As women, we constantly apologise for our existence.  We are sorry we’re late, sorry our hair is a mess, sorry the food isn’t great, sorry our kids didn’t behave, sorry we’re tired.  Sorry, sorry, sorry. 

If you tip a cup of coffee over someone (accidentally of course) then yes, you should apologise.  But stop apologising for just existing. 

As women, the way we speak to ourselves and about ourselves is shocking.  We tell ourselves we are stupid, we are useless, naff mums, rubbish drivers, pathetic…   

It’s time for a change of language

If you turn up late for something, try saying “thank you for waiting” rather than “I’m so sorry” followed by a lot of reasons why you were late.  If you apologise and then give all the reasons why you are late, you are highlighting your mistake and giving them the upper hand to be annoyed.  If however you thank them instead, you are giving them a kind of compliment and it actually puts you in a much stronger position.

Another good example is that if you are out with company and your kids are noisy or boisterous. If you simply say to your company at the end, thank you for your patience today it puts them in a position of being much less likely to complain about their behaviour as you have pretty much just complimented them instead.  (And it gets you off the hook if your kids have been demons)

Compliment yourself

We are far to hard on ourselves.  If someone compliments you, just say thank you.  It’s too easy to fall into the pattern of saying “oh but I’m a mess” or “oh this dress is really old”.  Just accept it for what it is.  And compliment yourself and other women.  It doesn’t have to be about looks.  Tell a friend that they are a great listener or that they have a kind nature.  Tell yourself that you are a great mum, a great wife and tell yourself why.  Write it all down in a list.  It’s a great way to cheer yourself up. No negatives allowed!

Be kind to other women and they will be kind to you.  Start today, right now.  

I don’t know about you but I’m blooming awesome.  Really I am.  

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