Stop withering away

Where have all the flowers gone

This old song came into my head as I was writing this blog.  I was sitting at my desk, working away, and I suddenly realised that my beautiful daffodils on the window behind me had died.  They weren’t just looking a bit sad.  They were properly dead.  And I hadn’t noticed them dying.  

I bought these for myself because they were pretty and I love daffodils.  But somewhere over the last week, I stopped paying attention to them.  I stopped looking at them, stopped enjoying them.  So they withered and died.   I know that flowers die after a while but these were neglected and ran out of water.   And it made me feel quite sad. 

And it got me thinking

In the same way that these flowers died, so does anything we don’t look after.  Our relationships, our kids, but most importantly ourselves.  When we don’t nurture ourselves, we die a little bit inside.  When we are sad, cross, lonely, anxious and we do nothing to improve that feeling, it causes a little bit of us inside to shrivel up.

But in the same way, if we do something for ourselves to help the way we feel, we can blossom and grow.  If we take time to do something to make us feel good inside and out, we bloom and radiate that good feeling to other people.  

Be Mindful of what’s around you

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of mindfulness. Our lives are busy, chaotic at times and we all have our heads stuck in a phone or computer screen for hours on end.

Switch the phone off, the computer and all the gadgets.  Take some time out to look around you.  What do you see?  Pick a colour and look at how many times you can see it around you.  When you eat your lunch, carefully chew it and actually taste it for once rather than just eating it as quickly as you can so you can get on with something else.  Watch the flowers blowing in the wind.  Watch the birds flying around.  

Just stop.  And be in the moment.  And don’t neglect your flowers. (Ps The flowers in the picture don’t have any water in them.  It’s a stain on the vase)

Much love


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