The Wise Hippo is here!

Wise HippoI’m so excited!

I am absolutely bursting with excitement and pride.  So much that I hardly slept last night.  I spent the last 4 days in the presence of the most amazing women – mums, midwives, doulas and hypnotherapists.  We all had a common interest which turned into a passion.   We’ve laughed (a lot) and shared (a lot) and cried our eyes out (there was a fair bit of that too).

So what were we up to?

Well, we were training to be Wise Hippo Birthing instructors.   The Wise Hippo programme is designed to help educate pregnant women, to help them to understand that they have choices and to help to take the fear out of giving birth.   When I first started looking into hypno birthing programmes, I did a fair bit of research.  I looked at what they were offering and what each programme felt like for me.  And nothing came close to the way The Wise Hippo empowers and supports pregnant women.

What is The Wise Hippo

The Wise Hippo is a programme set up by Dany Griffiths and Tamara Cianfini who also train the programme to people just like me.  I’ve always known that relaxation helps so many people in so many ways and that hypnosis can be used to control pain but to see it used in the way that they have put this together is awesome.  The enthusiasm shared by the group of ladies I trained with was inspiring and encouraging.  The Wise Hippo name started as a bit of a joke between the founder’s husbands and it is symbolic of the fun nature of the training.

As part of the course, we watched some hypno births which were all so very calm and relaxed, calm and relaxed.  But 2 of the ladies were actually training with us.  So when we watched the birth videos which these incredible women were happy to share with us, there were plenty of tears of happiness and emotions were running high in the room.  The difference between watching a standard birth and a Wise hippo one was incredible.  You can’t help but notice how much calmer everyone is from the mums to the dads, the midwives and even the babies  are calm and relaxed.  And knowing that I can now help other pregnant women to have that is the most amazing feeling.

I want everyone to be able to feel in control of their birth and to get the right birth for them on the day.  And this means that emotionally and physically you are prepared for anything just like the other Wise Hippo mums.

And I can’t wait to show you how.


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