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It’s All About Perception

What do you see? A friend of mine went to a hotel recently and posted a photo of a sketch which was on her hotel room wall.  It was a man with a woman behind him with her arms wrapped round him and a strange blue line around her.  It prompted a lot of discussion […]

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What IS normal anyway?

Normal is totally overrated! I had a silly conversation on Facebook earlier today about running.  I don’t run.  Ever.  In fact if you do see me running, you need to start running too because something big and scary is definitely chasing me.  I commented that it is not normal behaviour got the predictable response that […]

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Meh! to Woohoo! in minutes

Ok I confess… I woke up this morning in a right grumpy mood.  I went to bed with a cracking headache last night, slept for 9 hours solid and woke up with the cat sitting on me, clamouring for food, the headache still in place and a black cloud of doom over my head.  Good […]

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It’s all about you!

People make me so mad! Well, to be more honest, people used to make me so mad.  All it would take was for someone to say something that annoyed me and I’d be fuming. So cross.  And they would be completely oblivious to why I was so annoyed.  And then it would take me ages […]

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I’m so Bored!

Entertain me! As a mum of 2, I’ve heard the war cries many times.  “I’m bored”.  So being a typical modern parent, I’d find them something to do, read to them, start an activity, get the lego out etc etc.  You know the sort of stuff.  Or if the say they had nothing to do, […]

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I can’t be hypnotised. Oh really!

The Truth I often have people come to me and one of the first things they say is that they don’t think that they can be hypnotised.  I will generally ask why they think that and one of the most common answers is that they find it really hard to relax. In reality, we all […]

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You Don’t Have to be Superwoman

“We don’t need another Hero…” We all do it.  Especially mums.  We keep on going, day in, day out regardless of how we feel.  We get up, we show up and we get on with it.   Over the last few days, I’ve had a bug which wiped me out completely.  I struggled to get […]

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See the stars

Just walking the dog The weather has changed here in Sunny Worthing.  Spring feels like it’s definitely on the way and there is a positive energy around in the air so I’ve started taking my dog back up on the hills.  I can’t stand the mud factor during the winter and now that it’s dried […]

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OMG Where will I park?

Calm, cool and collected I recently flew from Gatwick to Edinburgh to visit my parents.  I was pretty cool about it all.  I booked the flights and hire car by myself (girl power).  I got to the airport, went through security, had my bag searched by a very grumpy security man who was not happy […]

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Will I Cluck Like a Chicken?

If I had £1… It occurred to me the other day that loads of people still don’t know what hypnosis actually is.  I had a conversation with someone who was very interested in what I do so I offered to show him.  His response was “no way, you are not making me cluck like a […]

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