Weight Loss – To Diet or Not to Diet

All Fat People Are Lazy…

I recently followed yet another online “discussion” about meal replacement diets.  As usual, it was quite a heated affair.  It seems that lots of people have very strong opinions on the rights and wrongs of these weight loss methods.

Many people (usually those who have never had weight issues or have tried any of these products) seem to state quite regularly that it’s simple to lose weight.  Just eat less and move more.  They state that all fat people are lazy.  *sharp intake of breath*  That’s a bit like saying that all alcoholics or drug addicts are unemployed and on the streets (I use Daniella Westbrook and George Best as examples).

The common clamour is that these people might lose weight but they will put it on again as soon as they stop.  But couldn’t the same be said of any diet?  And who are these people to judge?  It’s so easy to make a snap judgement about something you have never experienced.

Change your thinking.

Losing weight IS easy if you eat healthily, watch your portion sizes and exercise.  But getting your head to get to the stage of accepting change is not so easy.  Changing a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits does not happen overnight.  Habits of overeating to squash down unpleasant emotions of sadness, anxiety, fear don’t just go away.  This is why, as a hypnotherapist, I work with so many people who want to lose weight.  I help them to realise that they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and scrap the diets.  And I help them to want to do it.  And that’s the huge difference – my weight loss clients want to do it.

I admire anyone who accepts that they are overweight and accepts that they need to change.  Whatever you chose to do and whatever works for you, then go for it.  I am rather partial to the odd 9 day Cleanse to keep me focussed and I really don’t like the Very Low Calorie Diet programmes.  (And yes, I’ve tried several).  But I accept the need to eat clean food, eat smaller portions and move more.  I’m really enjoying food.  I’ve accepted that if I stick a lettuce leaf and a bit of cucumber on my plate and think I’m “dieting” then I’m going to be hungry and miserable.  I love my salads now.  They are full of flavour (usually garlic – sorry!) And by eating healthy food, lots of protein and getting off my backside more, then I’m sheddingweight-loss weight.  I also recognise (and get other people to recognise) that I took a long time to put all my excess weight on, so it will take a long time to shed it.  I’m not trying to lose it.  I have no intention of finding it ever again.

So if you really want to lose weight, learn how to feel fantastic about yourself and learn how to eat healthily, enjoying your food, then please feel free to contact me.

As well as my one to one treatments, I also offer a 6 week online Weight Loss course and a Monthly Membership Club.

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