What are you thinking?

Your thoughts create reality

I will admit that I woke up grumpy today.  There was an almighty storm here last night and although I slept through most of it, it did disturb my sleep.

I drove my son to school as usual and outside his school, there is a wide junction which has a dead end at the end which is perfect for those who need to do a u-turn.  It works brilliantly usually until you get that one parent who parks there and decides to have a deep and meaningful conversation with their little cherubs.  

So after waiting a short time, I decided that I needed to go round her but they way she had parked meant that nobody could use the turning point.  As I pulled out around her, she decided to pull out too and almost hit my car.  My grumpiness was growing.  I drove to the next available turning point which isn’t ideal but unfortunately she was too close behind me and wanted to turn down the same road.  Which also meant that she had blocked the previous turning point and didn’t even need to be there.  Grrrr.  THEN, I tried to reverse round the next corner but there was too much traffic so I ended up driving down a bit further and doing a 3 point turn and going back that way – the alternative was to follow the one-way system which took me well out of my way.

Can you see a pattern building?  The grumpier I got and the more I thought of all the annoying things which could get in my way and make my journey worse and make me even grumpier.  My thoughts were creating my reality.


But then it hit me.  (No not another car!)  I spotted the pattern and turned it very quickly on it’s head.  I focused on driving home calmly and safely.  I visualised a smooth drive with clear roads, driving through green lights easily, calmly with a smile on my face.

And guess what happened?  Yep.  All the way home I hit virtually no traffic.  I sailed through the place I usually get held up outside another school crossing and I even remembered to go the long way round to avoid the road works near my house.

You can change the way you think

How often do you hear people say that they are having a really bad day?  And they tell you of a whole chain of events which happened.  That’s because they were expecting to have a bad day and expecting things to go wrong.  But if you change those negative thoughts and start having positive ones, your day will be a lot better, a lot happier and a lot less eventful.

I’ve decided that the rest of my day will be awesome.  I’m off for coffee with a friend shortly which I already know will be such fun and the rest of my day is going to be really productive.  I can feel it.

What’s happening to you today?  Change your thoughts to change the way your day is going.

Much love


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