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For Sale

Something came up on my Facebook memories the other day.  It was from October 2011.  And it was the day that the For Sale sign went up outside my old house.

Am I sad?

9 months before, my marriage ended.  My world had changed beyond all recognition.  There was a huge amount of uncertainty.  But was I sad?  No.

It was a massive decision to sell, but it was the right one.  It was the start of me taking control back of my life.  That For Sale sign was like a beacon of hope for the start of my new life.

A few months before it had been a very different story.  The thought of leaving that house where I had brought my children up was heartbreaking.  I gave birth to my son on the bathroom floor.  They both took their first steps in that house.  The idea of change shook my world.

What changed?

The only thing which changed was me.  I researched my options.  I looked for a new house to move to.  I looked into how to get a divorce.  And I signed up for a hypnotherapy diploma.

Sometimes, I can barely believe that I did it.  Before my interview for the course I was very nearly sick on the floor where I was so anxious.  I was in such a bad place but I knew I had to just keep on moving forward.  Edging forward little by little.  Day by day.  My circle of friends had suddenly shrunk beyond recognition but those who stayed by my side were awesome.

But in the process of doing that diploma, I learned so much about myself.  I learned how to heal myself, build my confidence and believe in myself again. And I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

I also learned how to help other people.  

Why am I telling you this?

I often tell my story in my blogs and Facebook posts.  I share my life, my past, my pain.  And the reason I do this, is because I want people to realise that I’ve been there.  I need people to understand that I get it.   And that I know that it can get better.  

I do what I do because it makes people’s lives better.  I help them to let go of their stuff.  And I help them to move forward.  

And it gives me a huge amount of satisfaction to watch them blossom.

Much love


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