What IS normal anyway?

Normal is totally overrated!

I had a silly conversation on Facebook earlier today about running.  I don’t run.  Ever.  In fact if you do see me running, you need to start running too because something big and scary is definitely chasing me.  I commented that it is not normal behaviour got the predictable response that “normal is overrated”.  And it got me thinking that it really is.

Who decides what is normal?

We are all so different.  We think differently, we learn differently, we speak differently.  So who decided which is the “normal” version of what we do?  I am a very tactile person.  I hug everyone and tend to touch people when I talk to them – appropriately! And not my clients!  But I know that I have  a few friends who would physically recoil if I tried to hug them.  They just don’t do that.  So who is wrong?  None of us.  They don’t like it, so I don’t do it.  Simple.

If only everything in life was so easy.

When people behave in a way which we don’t consider to be normal, it can often lead us to feel uneasy, uncomfortable and not sure how to respond to them.   It can lead to a lot of anxiety on both sides when neither side understands what the other is thinking or doing.

Sometimes people just do things differently.   We all have our little things we do differently; checking the back door 3 times before we leave the house, only have even numbers of Weetabix (and freaking out if someone has an odd number) or refusing to ever use a public loo.  I’m not talking about people with OCD who genuinely need help.  Just regular people who have little habits which make them who they are.  

If we all just accepted who and what we are, life really would be a lot simpler.  We are all unique.  My daughter often tells me that I’m mad hatter bonkers.  Because I’m generally very serious and play by the rules but every now and again I like to break the rules and do something really silly.  Like having a paddling pool in the dining room during a particularly miserable summer.  Or getting a cat even though I hate cats (although I’ve grown to love our grumpy, antisocial feline).  

So if you are a bit weird, be weird.  If you are a bit different, embrace it.  Love who you are.  

Unless you are a runner.  That’s still just not normal.

Much love


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