Will I Cluck Like a Chicken?

If I had £1…

It occurred to me the other day that loads of people still don’t know what hypnosis actually is.  I had a conversation with someone who was very interested in what I do so I offered to show him.  His response was “no way, you are not making me cluck like a chicken”.  After counting to about 1000 in my head, I explained how hypnosis works and generally what if feels like and I also decided to come up with the answers to the questions I get asked all the time.  So here are the answers…

What does hypnosis feel like?

It is a little bit different for everyone but generally, it is a feeling of being really relaxed.  We naturally do it on and off all day long without realising it.  You know when you are driving along and suddenly realise you cant remember going through that set of lights or going past that building?  It’s because you have gone into hypnosis as you are driving along.  Your subconscious mind has taken over the driving.  

How do I know if I’m in hypnosis?

Some people don’t realise they are.  When I get people to relax and start to work with them, they can be in varying states of hypnosis.  Some people won’t remember much about it.  Whilst other people will remember everything and might even think they weren’t in hypnosis.  But any trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist will be watching for signs of hypnosis and will recognise them easily.  And no, I’m not telling you what they are or you will be paranoid and trying not to do them!

So, will you make me cluck like a chicken?

No.  That is so old school that there is no entertainment value in it for me any more.  Seriously though, that image of hypnotism has stuck around for a lot of years.  People who get up on stage to work with a stage hypnotist are agreeing to do some strange things.  A good stage hypnotist will be great fun and that’s the whole point of it – fun.  If they didn’t want to play along, they wouldn’t do it.  In the same way, if I asked you for your bank card and pin number you wouldn’t give it to me.  Would you?  Your subconscious mind will make sure you are safe and in control when you need to be.  In the same way, if a fire alarm went off when you were in hypnosis, you would be perfectly able to come back to the present and get yourself to safety.

What if I get stuck in hypnosis?

Quite simply – you won’t.  Even if I was to pop out for lunch while you were in a deep trance, you would naturally come out of it just in the same way you wake up every morning from a sleep.  But that’s not something I make a habit out of, I promise.

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