You Don’t Have to be Superwoman

“We don’t need another Hero…”

We all do it.  Especially mums.  We keep on going, day in, day out regardless of how we feel.  We get up, we show up and we get on with it.  

Over the last few days, I’ve had a bug which wiped me out completely.  I struggled to get out of bed on the first morning.  And once I realised that I couldn’t even manage to brush my teeth without gagging never mind having a shower, I asked my son to walk to school.  (Well, it’s only about a 40 minute walk 🙂 )  And to be fair, he didn’t moan once.  

The world didn’t end

I had zero energy.  I didn’t vacuum even though there was an inch of dog hair on the floor thanks to my moulting labrador.  I didn’t even post on Facebook – preferring to keep my eyes closed and lie very still on the sofa.  And it had to be the sofa because the soppy furball cries if I am out of sight during the day.  I just about managed to head to the kitchen for water every few hours before delicately lying back down on the sofa, under my blanket even though it was a brilliant sunny day and my lounge was probably around 22 degrees.  I had to get the kids to cook their own dinner and wash up which they did.   Without moaning.  I must have looked pretty awful.  

And you’ll never guess what happened.  Nothing.  Nada.  The fur was still there this morning.  The dog survived the day.  The kids carried on regardless.  

Be kind to yourself

All this time we carry on regardless, we push ourselves to the limit.  We just keep going.  But whether you have an illness or one of those days where the enormity of life just becomes too much, having a day off from being the strong one, the carer, the mum won’t do any harm.

So if you are having a day where you can’t get out from under your blanket due to illness or being an emotional wreck, give yourself a break.  Stop.  Recharge your batteries.  Breathe.  You will be ok.

I promise. x

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