Working With Me

It’s a minefield out there

When you first think about using a hypnotherapist to help you, you will find that by searching on Facebook and Google, that there are hundreds of us around. They all have websites, all have Facebook pages.  Some list their qualifications. Some list endless  lists of what they can treat.  Some of them are brilliant therapists who have had massive successes with their clients.  Some of them don’t have a clue.  So how do you know which one to pick?

Go with your instinct

If I am looking for a beauty, holistic or massage therapy, I generally go with my gut instinct.   But when you are looking for a therapist, it’s a bit harder.  You are looking for someone to entrust your inner feelings and possibly your deepest fears with.  And that can be quite scary.  You will probably find it easier to discard therapists than to choose one.  But that’s good.  You are using your instinct to decide that for whatever reason, they are not the right one for you.  

So why come to me?

Well, firstly, I’m pretty easy going and kind (or so I’m told).  I work from home mainly which a lot of my clients find less stressful that rocking up to a corporate office where it feels like everyone knows why you are there.  I’m great at putting people at ease and I am definitely not easily shocked.  In the 5 years since I qualified, I have never yet failed to hypnotise anyone.  Never.  Not even the ones who tell me that they can’t relax so I probably won’t be able to hypnotise them.  

But more importantly, what I do works.   Through training and practice, I have learned some amazing skills and techniques which I now use to help other people. And although I can help with so  many things, mostly people come to me with varying forms of anxiety because they know that I get it.  And I know that in just 4 sessions (or around 4 hours) I can change people’s lives and change habits which have been troubling them for years.  

And if the thought of picking up the phone to call me is too stressful, you can message me on Facebook or email me instead like a lot of my clients do.  And they never regret it.

4 hours to change your life.  What are you waiting for?  





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